The Top Wealthtech Companies or Startups of 2024 to Watch Out

top fintech companies

Today’s smartphone users are expecting the fintech sector to harness the technology and offer a platform where they can easily track their investments, make new ones and get professional and reliable advice. Due to this high and mighty demand, wealthtech companies and startups have been on the rise. They offer to personalize your experience by allowing you to have many features including allowing you to pay off a debt or save for a house. What these many  fintech companies or startups aim to achieve is make this accessible and affordable for as many people as possible to manage their investments.

Top Wealthtech Companies in US


First in line, we have Betterment. Jon Stein and Eli Broverman founded Betterment in 2008 in New York. What Betterment provides is a safe and easy service to digital investment and saving. Many experts worked on building the structure to offer consistency and comfort at all times. Betterment’s success stayed consistently visible through the years and we still see it as one of the leading companies of robo-advising.


Stash, as a younger contributor, was founded in 2015 in New York by Brandon Krieg and Ed Robinson . The company offers to help users make money by aiding their investment process and customizing it to each user. What Stash has different from normal financial services companies is the new strategies they enable to make each user profit. They suggest micro-investing to raise the chance of winning alongside “autoinvest”. With Autoinvest, they help you take a deep breath in your busy schedule and help your investments based on your goals with the help of AI.


Asset-Map, is a company that was founded by H. Adam Holt in 2008 in Pennsylvania. Asset-Map helps to keep track of your finances and investments and provides clarity in the fast-paced finance world. They are delighted over their high ratings in the category. Emphasizing the importance of the comfort of their customers, they offer to lay the facts out in front of you and analyze it to reach your goal.


Based in Washington DC, a financial technology company founded in 2010 by Ben Miller, Dan Miller, Kenneth Shin, and Brandon Jenkins. Fundrise offers a better lookout in the market and profits with as little money as possible. Their expertise is aimed at helping you reach your goals by doing the dirty, real work for you. They have revamped every stage of the investment management process, substituting expensive manual workflows with automated systems powered by software.

  • This has led to a unified platform, offering a distinctive investment solution exclusively for our customers.
  • “Invest in a better alternative.”


    Cadre was founded in New York by Ryan Williams in 2014. Private real estate stands as a crucial element in building wealth. Cadre provides access to consistent income, tax advantages, and attractive long-term returns. Cadre have the opportunity to invest alongside seasoned investment professionals and leading institutions in the wealth tech world through their platform.


    Samir Vasavada and Runik Mehrotra founded Vise in New York in 2016. With their highlighted focus on personalization paired with their portfolios to help you scale the practices, Vise offers to provide the best advisors to help you reach the best outcome, all in one platform. Vice aims to make financial decisions easy and less time-consuming for you.

    Toggle AI

    Based on the idea of helping everybody get the best guidance in investment, Toggle AI gets the help of artificial intelligence to provide the most neutral and latest updates on finance to help you make the most of your investments. Drawing from technology’s latest improvements, equality is one of the key ideas in Toggle AI.

    “Stay current and stay informed.”


    Robert Cortright, in 2012, founded Drivewealth and offered a technology flexible enough to meet all your needs. With many services, DriveWealth aims to be what you need at all times. The company not only helps its own customers but also helps companies around the globe bring investments to their customers.


    Dvyup is a company that was founded in 2019. The main thing that sets this one apart from every other financial technologies company is the strategy it provides to help you get the most profit. Dvyup suggests you to invest with a team to decrease the chance of you losing. With a team, you share the risks, and you share the profits. This safety new they have built around the platform is comforting and logical to minimize the risks.


    Wealthfront is an automated investment service firm based in Palo Alto, California, founded by Andy Rachleff and Dan Carroll in 2008. With their main goal of making you make money, Wealthfront offers their years and years of expertise to guide you through the ropes of the sector.


    Luminary is a company that offers to strengthen the bond between the advisor and the customer via their platform. The platform modernizes the planning of your financial journey and builds deep trust between the parties. What sets Luminary apart is its dedication to fostering financial literacy and inclusivity. David Barnard designed the platform to cater to a diverse audience, from seasoned investors to those just beginning their financial journey. Luminary’s user-friendly interface and robust features make it a go-to choice for those seeking clarity and efficiency in their financial endeavors.


    Vanguard is an American investment advisor firm based in Pennsylvania with about $7.7 trillion in global assets under management. Their consistent success in the industry continues to dominate the sector. Their particular focus on ownership Vanguard, makes the investors feel like more than just that. They make them feel the enormity of the opportunities and the wealthtech world they are in.


    Neosurge is an early-stage wealthtech startup that believes in the power duo of Neobanks and Legacy Banks. Their main goal is to make financial advisory accessible to millions of people. While doing so, Neosurge also wants to simplify investment management, making it suitable for much more use.


    Ellevest is a robo-advisor investment program that is designed primarily for women. It is important to mention a more secluded approach to investment while presenting the last candidate on our list. Sallie Krawcheck and Charlie Kroll founded Ellevest in 2014 with gender awareness in mind. It provides investment tools, financial guides, and wealth management for individuals or families. It customizes the experience to each user with possibilities like income breaks or decreases.

    Top Wealthtech Companies from Europe


    Sebastian Beyet, Clement Mauguet, and Lucas Bertola founded Agicap in Lyon, France, in 2016. The company’s flagship product is a sophisticated cash flow management platform that enables businesses to gain real-time insights into their financial health. Agicap stands out for its user-friendly interface and intuitive features, making financial management accessible even to those without extensive financial expertise. The platform facilitates seamless cash flow forecasting, budgeting, and expense tracking, allowing businesses to confidently make informed decisions and navigate financial challenges.


    As we look to the future, Fintech companies or startups will continue to grow and evolve to provide investors with the best financial planning tools and resources. As we continue to invest and manage our finances with the help of technology, wealthtech will continue to advance with us. Now, we have only to select the most suitable route for our personal goals.