Monzo vs Starling Bank: Which Is Best For Your Business?


The scope of banking now extends well beyond the conventional physical locations of financial organizations. It has become increasingly common for individuals and businesses to use challenger banks like Monzo and Starling Bank as their financial institutions. They have attracted the attention of both small business owners and entrepreneurs thanks to the intuitive nature of their user interfaces and the cutting-edge functionality they offer. But which of these two options will be most beneficial to your company? In this article, we will analyze the argument between Monzo and Starling Bank and investigate their strengths, shortcomings, and overall success in the banking market. Let’s find out which one offers the best banking solution tailored to your business needs. Make the right financial decision for your business with our comprehensive comparison guide.

Monzo vs Starling Bank

Monzo and Starling are two examples of banks operating solely through digital channels in the United Kingdom. They provide various banking services, including those for individuals and businesses, emphasizing the customer experience and financial technology. Let’s take a closer look at the products and services provided by each bank:

Which is better: Monzo or Starling Bank?

The response to this question will vary greatly depending on your company’s requirements. Because of its vibrant interface and user-friendly features, Monzo has become a well-liked option for personal banking. Starling Bank, on the other hand, has earned a reputation for the breadth and depth of its commercial banking services, including accounts and company loans. Starling may be your better option if you prioritize features explicitly tailored to businesses.

Which is More Successful: Starling Bank or Monzo?

There are many different ways to gauge success. As of September 2021, the endpoint of my research, both Monzo and Starling Bank were independently achieving their own goals of expansion and success. While Starling Bank made headway in the commercial banking sector, Monzo could boast a more significant customer base than its competitor. Because the economic climate is subject to rapid change, you must check for the most recent information regarding their level of performance.


Since its inception in 2014, Starling Bank has been at the forefront of the ongoing transformation in digital banking. It offers a business checking account that is very simple to use and can be handled entirely through the company’s mobile app. This account delivers real-time notifications, analytical reporting, and effective monitoring of payments.


  • The ordinary account does not charge any monthly fees.
  • Integration that is entirely seamless with the most popular accounting software.
  • 24/7 support for existing customers.
  • There is access to overdraft services as well as loan opportunities.


  • Only a slight presence in physical form.
  • Costs associated with making payments internationally.
  • Insufficient number of available loan possibilities.
  • A breakdown of all the costs involved.

Exceptional and distinguishing qualities

The ‘Spaces’ function offered by Starling Bank enables you to divide your Cash into several distinct containers, which may be used for accounting, payroll, or other purposes. A ‘Business Toolkit’ add-on is also available for an additional cost of £7 per month. This add-on comes with various capabilities, such as generating invoices and managing VAT.


Monzo is another significant participant in the United Kingdom’s digital banking industry. The company was launched in 2015. It provides an easy-to-use and secure business bank account that is straightforward in terms of money administration, instant expenditure notifications, and straightforward in budgeting.


  • The setup of the account is quick and uncomplicated.
  • Instant notifications regarding financial transactions.
  • Tools for budgeting that are simple to use.
  • Integration with several well-known accounting programs.


  • The cost of maintaining a business account is £5 per month.
  • There are no overdraft or loan options available to businesses.
  • There are limited hours available for customer service.
  • A breakdown of all the costs involved.
  • £5 will be added to your account monthly as a service charge.£0
  • Withdrawing Cash in the United Kingdom0 GBP Payment for international transactions £3 plus 0.3% of payment
  • Withdrawing Money From Abroad in Cash 3% of the amount withheld

Exceptional and Distinguishing Qualities

The app’s most distinguishing characteristic is Monzo’s ‘Pots’ function, analogous to Starling’s ‘Spaces,’ which enables you to segment your balance and use it for various purposes. The ‘Tax Pots’ function is another valuable and noteworthy feature. This function automatically sets aside a portion of your income to pay taxes. Monzo also allows you to categorize your spending comprehensively, making tracking and controlling your expenditures easier.


No universal solution works for everyone in the battle between Monzo and Starling Bank. Your company’s specific requirements and preferences will determine which option you choose. Monzo excels in providing a personal banking experience that is intuitive and user-friendly, whereas Starling Bank stands out for providing extensive business banking products and services. It is necessary to stay up to speed on the features, successes, and any changes in the services offered by both banks to make the best selection for your company’s financial needs because both banks continue to evolve and innovate. Before deciding, consider the importance of conducting in-depth research and considering your unique circumstances.