Google and HSBC Forge Climate Tech Alliance


HSBC’s recent announcement of Google’s backing signals a potent alliance geared towards amplifying the impact against climate change through strategic investments in climate technology and innovation. Renowned for its sustainable innovation, Google stands out as a powerhouse in developing climate technologies that yield far-reaching benefits. The company’s prowess extends from integrating energy into a digital ecosystem to providing global insights on weather and traffic, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and minimized travel disruptions, showcasing the inherent value of data when leveraged effectively.

Fostering a Sustainable Future: Google’s Climate Tech Prowess

The collaboration gains significance as HSBC embraces Google to propel its Google Cloud initiatives forward, recognizing the intrinsic desirability of Google’s sustainable solutions. Natalie Blyth, HSBC’s Global Head of Commercial Banking Sustainability, emphasizes the necessity for a significant shift in scaling up new technologies crucial for global decarbonization, underscoring the crucial role of partnerships in directing finances toward impactful climate tech growth.

In a bid to fortify climate tech opportunities, HSBC financially backs Google, positioning the British bank as a financial powerhouse in this realm. The bank initiates a venture debt financing package aimed at funding renewable energy traction systems facilitated through LevelTen Energy. This strategic move aligns with LevelTen Energy’s track record of overseeing clean energy transactions totaling US$5 billion, a figure expected to scale further with HSBC’s support.

Justin Keeble, Managing Director for Global Sustainability at Google Cloud, emphasizes the necessity of a global ecosystem of technology providers to address the scale of the climate challenge. The collaboration supports firms pivotal to climate action by offering financial backing, cloud technologies, and connectivity through the combined footprints of HSBC and Google.

The newsletter further highlights Google’s climate tech innovations showcased at Sustainability LIVE London 2023, including advancements in Google Maps functions and weather predictions leveraging data from diverse infrastructure points. Adam Elman, Head of Sustainability at Google, articulates the company’s longstanding commitment to climate action, framing their work in three distinct buckets. The collaboration between HSBC and Google anticipates substantial growth in intelligent solutions addressing the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

Source: Sustainabilitymag