Tech Layoffs: PayPal Plans to Cut 9% of Workforce


PayPal has revealed plans to cut 9% of its total workforce, impacting 2,500 employees, according to a statement from CEO Alex Chriss. The digital payment giant aims to streamline operations and achieve business optimization by implementing direct reductions and eliminating open roles throughout the year. This move follows a 7% reduction in the workforce at the beginning of 2023. The decision is part of PayPal’s strategy to “right-size” the business, ensuring agility to meet customer demands and drive profitable growth.

The layoffs in the tech industry, including major players like Salesforce, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, reflect a broader trend of companies adjusting to the current economic outlook after a surge in hiring during 2021. Nick Bunker, the economic research director at Indeed’s hiring lab, notes that these layoffs are specific to the tech sector and do not necessarily mirror the overall U.S. labor market conditions.

Since the beginning of 2024, there have been 198 layoff announcements in the tech industry, affecting 43,719 workers, as reported by, a company tracking headcount reductions in the tech sector. PayPal’s shares experienced a 1.5% decline to $62.69 following the announcement, contributing to a 23% decrease over the past year.

PayPal’s strategic move aligns with broader industry trends, as companies navigate economic shifts and prioritize efficiency in their operations. The focus on right-sizing the workforce reflects a commitment to adaptability and responsiveness in a dynamic business environment.

Source: Investopedia