Ant Group Expands Alipay+ Ecosystem in Thailand, Welcomes New Mobile Wallets


Ant Group Expands Alipay+ Ecosystem! Alipay+ broadens its reach in Thailand by adding mobile wallets from Hong Kong SAR, South Korea, and Malaysia. These join Alipay from mainland China, accepted since 2015. Collaborating with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Alipay+ not only aids tourists but also assists Thai businesses, digitizing operations and improving customer experiences.

Operating in 57 markets, Alipay+ links 88 million merchants with 1.5 billion users through 25+ e-wallets. Its Thai presence grows, spanning retail chains and local brands. Ant Group focuses on developing the tech behind Alipay+ while expanding its ecosystem.

Thai Airways will integrate Alipay+ as a payment method, joining other airlines. Cherry Huang, Alipay+’s GM at Ant Group, stresses the commitment to onboard more local merchants across sectors like travel, retail, hospitality, and F&B, showing its versatility and potential impact.

Ant Group, renowned as the proprietor and operator of Alipay, China’s leading digital payment platform, introduced Alipay+ in 2020. This platform facilitates global cross-border mobile payments for businesses and has steadily expanded its presence across numerous Asian countries, including this recent stride in Thailand.

Source: Fintech News