Meet the Team

Learn more about the passionate team of digital nomads: Meet the SEO pros, researchers, and content writers behind Global Fintech Maket.

Our Team

Yagmur Simsek
Co-Founder & SEO Manager

Yagmur has been working in the digital marketing industry for almost 7 years with experience in content and SEO. When not working, she can be found travelling, haunting local bookstores, and ordering her coffee in local coffee shops that she is constantly discovering. She’s currently a key member of PMI’s content strategy team and is excited to contribute to the organic growth of inspiring clients.

Lara Kaya
Digital Marketing Intern

Lara is a passionate third-year student pursuing a degree in Western Languages and Literature. Her academic journey has not only deepened her appreciation for literature but has also ignited a newfound interest in the dynamic realm of digital marketing. Over the past six months, Lara has dived into the industry, and was drawn to the compelling power that literature can wield in the digital landscape. Outside of her studies and digital marketing pursuits, Lara’s heart belongs to the world of books. Whether buried in the pages of a novel or obsessing over an album, she finds solace in these moments, often combining both by enjoying literature while on a contemplative walk.

Nazlınur Bayrak
Digital Marketing Intern

As a dedicated second-year student pursuing a degree in Western Languages and Literature, Nazlınur’s passion for storytelling transcends the pages. Her academic journey has instilled a deep appreciation for topics like languages, communication, and translation. She decided to use her academic interests in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. While it’s still a relatively new territory for her, Nazlınur has embraced the field enthusiastically, relishing the opportunity to learn and explore its potential. Beyond the confines of textbooks and screens, she most enjoys the embrace of nature. Whether it’s a long walk amongst rustling leaves, or simply tending to the campus animals she adores, she finds peace and inspiration in the natural world. This love for exploration extends to the vibrant tapestry of campus life, where she actively participates in various club activities, immersing herself in diverse communities and experiences.

Who Are We?

Global Fintech Market is a carefully curated online directory website for the fintech ecosystem. It’s an all-in-one niche source for people searching fintech products, courses, resources, jobs, or any other providers in the fintech sector. It’s a platform that creates the conditions for successful collaborations.

Our platform will offer a comprehensive range of features and services. Discover a curated marketplace showcasing a diverse array of fintech solutions, from payment systems and blockchain technology to AI-driven analytics and regtech innovations. There will be the latest industry trends through our thought-provoking blogs, whitepapers, and ebooks authored by renowned experts in the field.