Why Financial Apps Need Social Experiences

In this insightful eBook, you will explore the pivotal role of social experiences within the dynamic landscape of financial services. From reaching new audiences to strengthening client relationships, discover how financial apps can evolve beyond mere transactions to foster personalized engagement. As the industry continues to transform, embracing social interactions becomes essential for the survival and success of these apps .


Why Financial Apps Need Social Experiences

The financial services industry is witnessing unprecedented competition due to the emergence of new fintech companies catering to specialized financial niches. Simultaneously, tech giants like Google and Apple are expanding their offerings to include digital wallets. Recently, Facebook has also entered the fray by introducing peer-to-peer payment functionality within its extensive social networks in select markets, further intensifying competitive pressures.

In this heavily regulated sector, transparency requirements have led to low switching costs for consumers. As a result, they can easily switch to alternative services that offer better rates. To secure customer loyalty, financial apps must go beyond basic cash transfers. They need to explore personalized experiences that engage and retain users.

In this eBook, you will learn the critical role of social experiences in the ever-evolving landscape of financial services. You will explore:

  • Business Benefits Beyond Transactions
  • Use Cases for Social Experiences in Financial Apps
  • Survival Strategies for Finance Apps

Some Chapters From The Book

  • Financial apps face a loyalty crisis
  • The costs of not building loyalty
  • The benefits of engaging beyond the transaction
  • Business objectives for social experiences in financial apps