The Innovation Ultimatum

Ditch the confusing tech talk! This book gives you, the leader, a clear set of questions to navigate the business revolution ahead. Author Steve Brown helps you unlock the power of the latest tech wave, sharing real-world examples of how companies are already using it to improve, innovate, and delight customers. Get ready to thrive in the new business landscape!


The Innovation Ultimatum

Businesses are embracing a tech revolution driven by six forces: AI, blockchain, IoT, robots, VR/AR, and 5G. These disruptive technologies unlock massive opportunities for efficiency, innovation, and growth across industries.

Be an early adopter and leverage automation and these transformative technologies to dominate the market.

“The Innovation Ultimatum” guides you through this exciting landscape. This book equips you to understand these six strategic technologies and prepare your company for the tech-driven future. Don’t miss out – stay ahead and unlock the potential of these game-changers.

Some Chapters From The Book

Beyon Deep Learning: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Distributed Ledges and Blockchains

Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality

Key Concepts to Help Your Businnes Adapt and Thrive