Fintech Access Guide

The Fintech Access Guide, curated by Fintech Saudi, serves as a compass for entrepreneurs and innovators venturing into the dynamic world of financial technology. Whether you’re a local startup or an international player eyeing the Saudi market, this guide is your trusted companion.

fintech access guide

Fintech Access Guide

Fintech Access Guide, your compass in the dynamic world of financial technology. Developed by Fintech Saudi, this guide is more than just a roadmap—it’s your key to unlocking fintech opportunities in the Kingdom.

What’s in Version 3.0?

Regulatory Clarity:Insights on the regulatory landscape, providing clarity for fintech companies seeking to operate in Saudi Arabia. Consulted with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) and the Capital Market Authority (CMA), this guide sheds light on existing regulations and outlines options for fintech ventures.

Local Entrepreneurship Framework: For local dreamers and doers, Version 3.0 offers an updated framework. Whether you’re launching a payment app, revolutionizing lending, or exploring blockchain, they’ve got you covered.

International Entry Points: International fintechs eyeing the Saudi market? Discover pathways to success. The guide outlines options, introduces relevant government entities, and helps you navigate cultural nuances.

Some Chapters From The Book

  • Regulation Clarity for Conducting Fintech Activities in Saudi Arabia
  • Framework for Local Entrepreneurs to Launch a Fintech Idea
  • Options for International Fintechs Interested in Entering the Saudi