Disrupting Finance: FinTech and Strategy

Future-proof your financial knowledge! This Open Access Pivot dives into the FinTech revolution, exploring how blockchain, cloud, mobile, big data, and social media are transforming banking and finance. Uncover a comprehensive review of current research, insightful perspectives from diverse fields, and exciting avenues for future exploration. Build your FinTech expertise and prepare for the dynamic future of finance!


Disrupting Finance: FinTech and Strategy

In the face of relentless disruption from tech giants like Google, Apple, Amazon, and PayPal, the traditionally stable banking and financial sector finds itself at a crossroads. Investors demand leaner operations, quicker adaptations, and improved customer loyalty, pushing innovation to the forefront. Disrupting Finance: FinTech and Strategy in the 21st Century e-book serves as a beacon, highlighting how diverse technologies act as catalysts for progress within this crucial industry.

Fueled by the transformative power of blockchain, cloud computing, mobile technologies, big data analytics, and even social media, the potential for change in banking and finance is arguably more significant than in any other field. Disrupting Finance: FinTech and Strategy in the 21st Century goes deeper, defining a 21st-century FinTech ecosystem. It meticulously sifts through the existing literature, offering a cutting-edge review of current knowledge. Yet, this book doesn’t simply dwell on the present. It actively propels the conversation forward, suggesting untapped avenues for further research and exploration. By incorporating diverse perspectives from the realms of business, technology, and industry, the book fosters a holistic understanding of the present and paves the way for a dynamic future.

Some Chapters From The Book

Deciphering crowdfunding

Machine learning and AI for risk management

Token-based business models