Deciphered is a fintech podcast brought to you by Bain & Company. Each episode brings insight and analysis on specific industry topics, dissected with data with help from fantastic guests.



“Deciphered” is your go-to fintech podcast, presented by Bain & Company. Tune in to explore deep insights and analysis on various industry themes in each episode. Their expert guests join us to dissect these topics using data, making complex financial concepts easily understandable. They’re here to unravel the intricate world of financial services, providing insights that add valuable context to your everyday industry discussions.

About Bain & Company
As a global consultancy, their mission is to empower the world’s most ambitious change makers to shape the future. Spanning 65 cities across 40 countries, their collaborative approach involves working alongside clients as a unified team. Together, they aim to achieve exceptional outcomes, surpass competition, and redefine industries. Their specialized and integrated expertise is enhanced by a dynamic network of digital innovators, ensuring superior, swifter, and enduring results.

Complementing their services, they’re committed to investing over $1 billion in pro bono efforts over the next decade. This commitment channels their talent, expertise, and insights into addressing pressing challenges in education, racial equity, social justice, economic development, and the environment. Recognized with a platinum rating by EcoVadis—an eminent platform for assessing environmental, social, and ethical performance in global supply chains—they rank within the top 1% of all companies.

Since their establishment in 1973, their success is intrinsically tied to the success of their clients. Their unwavering dedication to client advocacy remains unparalleled in the industry, defining their pride and ethos.

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