Bank 4.0

Get ready to say goodbye to brick-and-mortar banks! In this eye-opening book, futurist Brett King paints a picture of a world where traditional banks become obsolete. He argues that FinTech companies are rapidly transforming the financial landscape, offering convenient, personalized, and tech-driven banking experiences anywhere, anytime.

Bank 4.0

Imagine a world without cash, cards, or traditional banking. In his book Bank 4.0, Brett King explores this possibility, asking: will banks even survive in a tech-driven future? He envisions a complete overhaul of banking accounts, identities, value, and investments.

But this future isn’t just theoretical. Early signs are already here, shaping the transformation. From China’s innovative selfie-pay systems to Africa’s adoption of blockchain technology, even self-driving cars with built-in bank accounts hint at what’s to come.

The message is clear: the future of banking is far removed from Wall Street. We’re on the verge of “Bank 4.0,” where traditional institutions must adapt or become obsolete. As technology continues to revolutionize our world, the way we manage our finances will inevitably follow suit. Get ready, because the future of banking is arriving at breakneck speed, and it looks nothing like the past.

Some Chapters From The Book

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