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This page provides help with the most common questions about the GF Market. Let’s browse the help topics below.

Frequently Asked Questions

To join the GF Market, visit the Join section of the website and fill out the membership form. You will be asked to provide basic personal information and your areas of interest within fintech. Once you submit the form, our team will reply in 2 business days about your application.

To join our platform, you will typically need to fill out to form and pay a membership fee that we send through Payoneer or any rather international payment method. We require you to meet specific criteria or qualifications to join our network. We only accept trusted companies & startups. Researching different platforms and determining which one best fits your needs and goals is important.

Membership in the GF Market is open to trusted organizations for the specific location interested in fintech from all backgrounds and experience levels.

Membership fees can vary widely depending on the level of membership you choose. Considering the membership’s benefits and value is essential when evaluating the cost.

We accept all the major payment cards worldwide. We usually send our payment requests through trusted online payment platforms like Payoneer.

This creation saves time for both businesses and customers. Moreover, this helps companies reduce investment costs in labor and customer care and helps the business website become more professional.

Unfortunately, we don’t accept payments in instalments at the moment.

At GF Market, we don’t believe in discounting. Instead of discounting, we focus on creating value for our customers through high-quality products or services, excellent customer service, and sustainable competitive pricing over time.

Yes, it is possible to cancel your membership depending on how many days you are on the platform as a member. It depends on the membership start date and the day you request a refund.

  • in 15-29 days after the membership start = 50% of the membership price refund
  • in 14 days after the membership start = 100% of the membership price refund