European Women in Technology 2024

Presented by Ascend Global Media, mark your calendar for June 26-27, as Europe's largest technology event for women unfolds. Join over 4,500 like-minded peers in a shared space where goals, challenges, and values converge, fostering an understanding of each other's journeys.


European Women in Technology 2024

Discover a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape, optimizing your time and crafting an efficient schedule at European Women in Technology Amsterdam. Join this event, that is invigorated by enriching presentations and vibrant networking encounters.

Motivational Live Keynotes

Embark on a journey diving into the realms of business, workforce, and technology with our esteemed lineup of globally recognized speakers. Immerse yourself in revolutionary concepts shaping the future.

Insightful Presentations

Tailored for mid to senior tech professionals, explore captivating presentations from pioneers, leaders, and influencers, offering guidance to propel your career forward.

Expert-led Workshops

As a premium ticket holder, access over 60 exclusive workshops spanning two eventful days. Immerse yourself in hands-on experiences, engaging activities, and interactive sessions thoughtfully crafted by our experts.

FinTech Quarter

Witness Europe’s FinTech revolution as leaders and innovators drive groundbreaking trends in banking, payments, and investment. Be at the forefront of the financial evolution.

InfoTech Quarter

Navigate the rapidly evolving European tech sector, exploring frontier technologies and methodologies shaping its trajectory.

Software Quarter

Explore 2024 trends reshaping software development, from cloud services to AI, to meet customer demands and embrace digital transformation.

Career Advice Hub

Connect with industry leaders for valuable career advice in sessions running for a maximum of 15 minutes each, ensuring everyone gets an opportunity.


Tailored facilitated sessions designed for informal and intimate conversations, providing a platform to voice challenges, foster collaboration, and seek advice from peers.

Mentee Mentor Meetups

Engage in purposeful mentorship, establishing clear goals and roles through inspirational sessions connecting you with multiple mentors.

Networking Hub

Seamless avenues to connect with industry influencers and leaders, forging invaluable connections across various lands.

Event App

Elevate your experience with the official event App, scheduling meetings and networking effortlessly. Maximize every moment and enhance your event journey.

Allow European Women in Technology Amsterdam to empower you, enabling you to curate your experience, align with your goals, and forge impactful connections that elevate both your personal and professional journey.

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Why You Should Attend European Women in Technology 2024?

Becouse you want to nvest in yourself as a tech pioneer during this empowering event. Gain insights, harness skills, and network with fellow pioneers to excel not only within your organization but also within your team and personal life. Seize this opportunity to propel your tech career forward and embrace growth in every aspect of your journey.