With an outstanding TrustPilot rating, Zopa's transparent and customer-centric approach ensures a superior banking experience. Pioneering finance for 18 years, Zopa revolutionized the industry in 2005 with the first peer-to-peer lending company. The 2020 launch of Zopa Bank expanded offerings to include fixed-term savings and a credit card, empowering you to seize control of your financial destiny. Facilitating over £6 billion in loans, Zopa prioritizes fairness, providing equitable deals for all. With user-friendly tools, rapid pre-approval processes, and continuous innovation, Zopa stands as a beacon of customer-centricity, setting the standard for excellence in the financial landscape. Join Zopa and experience banking that revolves around your best interests.



Introducing Zopa, a financial institution with an unwavering commitment to making money work better for individuals. The dedicated team at Zopa focuses on creating transparent and customer-centric financial products, as evidenced by their excellent TrustPilot rating.

As pioneers in the financial landscape for 18 years, Zopa disrupted the industry in 2005 by founding the first-ever peer-to-peer lending company. This marked the inception of their dedication to providing genuine loans and intelligent investments driven by cutting-edge technology. The subsequent launch of Zopa Bank in 2020 expanded their offerings to include fixed-term savings with FSCS protection and a credit card. This empowered customers to take control of their financial destinies.

Having facilitated loans exceeding £6 billion, Zopa takes pride in improving the financial well-being of over half a million individuals across the UK. Zopa’s ethos revolves around fairness, ensuring that every individual receives an equitable deal without exclusivity for new customers. The institution succeeds when its customers succeed.

With user-friendly tools and a responsive support team, managing finances on Zopa is an effortless task. Zopa rejects the notion of ‘good enough,’ and continuously listens to customer feedback. They keep adapting to their evolving needs, and staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

Zopa’s commitment to innovation is underscored by features like a rapid pre-approval process, taking as little as 12 seconds, a notable advantage in a market where approval procedures often span days. As a regulated entity under the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority, Zopa ensures the highest standards in financial services, instilling confidence in customers entrusting their financial journey to the institution. Joining Zopa means aligning with a financial partner that prioritizes your best interests and stands as a beacon of customer-centricity in the financial landscape.

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Why You Should Use Zopa?

Selecting Zopa as your financial ally unveils a host of compelling advantages. At the core of Zopa’s appeal is its unwavering commitment to placing individuals at the forefront of their financial journey. The dedicated team emphasizes transparency and customer-centricity, as reflected in their outstanding TrustPilot rating.

With a remarkable 18-year legacy, Zopa has been a trailblazer since 2005, pioneering the concept of the first-ever peer-to-peer lending company. This substantial history underscores Zopa’s dedication to providing genuine loans and intelligent investments, all driven by cutting-edge technology.

Zopa’s offerings further extend into the realm of Zopa Bank, introduced in 2020. This expansion includes fixed-term savings with FSCS protection and a credit card, empowering individuals to seize control of their financial destinies through a diverse range of tailored financial products.