SumUp, a global leader in accessible payment solutions, empowers over 4 million small businesses since 2012. Inclusive and transparent, SumUp caters to enterprises up to 10 times smaller than traditional providers. Offering a comprehensive suite of solutions, from Invoices to Gift Cards, SumUp simplifies the payment journey without fixed costs or hidden fees. With personalized support and a focus on security, SumUp is dedicated to empowering small businesses worldwide.



In the global mission to empower small merchants, SumUp stands out for its accessibility and simplicity. Founded in 2012, it aims to create a world where small businesses thrive, now trusted by over 4 million businesses for affordable and user-friendly payment solutions. Differentiating itself by serving businesses overlooked by traditional providers, SumUp extends financial services to enterprises up to 10 times smaller than those typically targeted by banks.

Starting with a single card reader, SumUp has evolved into a comprehensive range of solutions, including Invoices, Gift Cards, Payment Links, and more. SumUp’s commitment to inclusivity is evident in its dedication to creating technology accessible to anyone, regardless of business size. Transparency is a cornerstone, with a straightforward signup process, no fixed costs, hidden fees, or bureaucratic hurdles. SumUp simplifies the payment journey, empowering small business owners to focus on what they love without unexpected surprises.

Personalized support further reinforces its commitment to the businesses it serves, with a dedicated in-house customer support team available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm. Security is paramount, with Card Readers undergoing rigorous certification by regulatory bodies, ensuring transactions adhere to high-security standards. SumUp not only facilitates payments but does so with a steadfast commitment to the safety and success of small businesses worldwide.

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Why You Should Use SumUp?

Choosing SumUp for your business is a strategic move towards seamless and effective payment solutions. With a track record of empowering over 4 million enterprises globally since 2012, SumUp stands out for its accessibility, simplicity, and commitment to small businesses.

SumUp addresses the unique needs of small businesses, welcoming enterprises up to 10 times smaller than those typically considered by traditional providers. The comprehensive suite of solutions, including Invoices, Gift Cards, and Payment Links, ensures flexibility and convenience for various industries, from street food vendors to salon owners.

Transparency is a hallmark of SumUp’s approach. By eliminating fixed costs, hidden fees, and bureaucratic obstacles, SumUp streamlines the payment journey, allowing businesses to focus on their passion without unexpected financial hurdles.

The company’s personalized support adds another layer of value, with a dedicated in-house customer support team available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm. This commitment to customer service ensures that businesses using SumUp receive assistance in the language that suits them best.

SumUp’s emphasis on security further solidifies its position as a trustworthy partner for small businesses. Card Readers undergo stringent certification processes by regulatory bodies, guaranteeing high-security standards in all transactions.

In essence, choosing SumUp means choosing a payment partner that not only understands the unique challenges of small businesses but actively works to simplify their financial journey, foster growth, and ensure secure and transparent transactions.