Discover the power of Payoneer, your trusted partner for seamless global transactions. With Payoneer's versatile platform, sending, receiving, and managing funds across borders becomes effortless. Benefit from multiple currency options, integrated solutions with major marketplaces, and convenient payment methods tailored to your international business needs. Experience secure, user-friendly financial services designed to simplify cross-border transactions for individuals and businesses worldwide.



Payoneer is a leading online payment platform designed to simplify international transactions for freelancers and businesses. Founded in 2005, this American financial services company empowers its users to navigate the complexities of global commerce.

Freelancers working across borders often face challenges receiving payments. Payoneer solves this by offering a user-friendly account that lets you get paid in multiple currencies, eliminating the hassle and fees of traditional wire transfers. But its reach extends beyond freelancers. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from its features. Payoneer streamlines international payments to suppliers and partners, allowing for faster transactions and improved cash flow.

One of Payoneer’s key features is the Payoneer Mastercard. This debit card allows you to withdraw funds from your account at ATMs worldwide, providing convenient access to your money.

Payoneer also offers features like:

  • Managing payments in one place: Consolidate your earnings from various freelance marketplaces and clients.
  • Making international payments: Easily pay freelancers, suppliers, and partners around the globe.
  • Working capital access: Get funding to cover business expenses while you wait for payments.

With its global reach, user-friendly platform, and multiple features, it has become a preferred payment solution for millions of businesses and freelancers worldwide. Whether you’re a freelancer seeking a convenient way to receive international payments or a business looking to streamline global transactions, Payoneer offers a comprehensive solution.

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Why You Sould Use Payoneer?

There are several compelling reasons to consider using Payoneer:

Global Reach: Payoneer enables you to send and receive funds internationally, making it ideal for freelancers, businesses, and professionals working across borders.

Multiple Currencies: It supports various currencies, allowing you to hold balances in different currencies and reduce currency conversion costs when receiving payments from international clients.

Ease of Use: The platform offers a user-friendly interface, making it straightforward to manage transactions, invoices, and payments efficiently.

Payment Flexibility: Payoneer provides multiple options for receiving payments, including bank transfers, prepaid Mastercard® debit cards, and local receiving accounts, offering flexibility in accessing funds.

Integration with Marketplaces: It integrates seamlessly with numerous global marketplaces and platforms, simplifying the process of receiving payments from companies like Amazon, Upwork, Airbnb, and more.

Customer Support: Payoneer offers customer support services to assist users with inquiries, account-related issues, and general assistance.

Ultimately, using Payoneer can streamline cross-border payments, reduce transaction costs, and provide convenient solutions for managing international finances, making it a popular choice for individuals and businesses engaged in global transactions.