Totaljobs, a leading UK job board, recognizes the growing importance of fintech and actively curates opportunities in the field. Totaljobs is an online job platform that connects job seekers with employers and recruiters. The platform functions as a marketplace where job seekers can find and apply for job opportunities, and employers can advertise their job vacancies to attract potential candidates.



With over 350 million unique visitors each month, Indeed stands as the leading job search platform worldwide. They prioritize job seekers by granting them free access to tools for job hunting, CV uploads, and company research. Consider that Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd, a publicly traded Japanese company, directly or indirectly owns Indeed and its affiliated firms.

Discover the Future in Fintech Careers on Indeed:

Indeed will be your gateway to the dynamic world of financial technology. Explore a diverse spectrum of career opportunities at the intersection of finance and technology, spanning roles from Fintech Analysts and Blockchain Developers to Financial Data Scientists and Payments Specialists.

The Rise of Fintech:
Fintech has reshaped the financial landscape, blending innovation and technology to revolutionize traditional banking, investing, payments, and more. Explore exciting job prospects within this rapidly evolving sector, where innovation thrives and new possibilities emerge daily.

Why Indeed for Fintech Careers?
With a rich array of job listings from leading companies, Indeed offers a one-stop platform to explore and apply for Fintech roles that match your skills and aspirations. Dive into detailed job descriptions, qualifications, and company insights, empowering you to make informed career decisions.

Empower Your Future in Fintech:
Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking new horizons or a recent graduate passionate about shaping the future of finance, Indeed’s Fintech Jobs category presents an array of opportunities. Find your place in this dynamic industry and embark on a rewarding journey with Indeed as your trusted partner in Fintech career exploratio

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How Does "Totaljobs" Job Platform Work?

Here’s a concise recap of how Totaljobs functions:

Job Posting: Employers and recruiters craft job postings on Totaljobs, detailing job titles, descriptions, qualifications, experience, location, and other pertinent details.
Job Search: Job seekers explore Totaljobs, using filters like job title, location, salary, and type to pinpoint suitable opportunities.
Application: Interested candidates apply through Totaljobs, submitting resumes, cover letters, and possibly additional responses.
Communication: Totaljobs facilitates employer-candidate communication via its platform, allowing employers to review applications and contact potential hires through messaging or provided contact details.
CV Database (Optional): Job seekers can upload resumes to Totaljobs’ CV database, making them visible to employers for targeted searches and direct outreach.
Job Alerts: Job seekers set alerts for preferred criteria, receiving email notifications for new matching vacancies.
Career Resources: Totaljobs offers career advice articles, guides, and resources to enhance job seekers’ employability and readiness.
Application Tracking (For Employers): Employers use Totaljobs’ application tracking system to streamline and manage received applications, improving the hiring process.
Overall, Totaljobs serves as a user-friendly platform, uniting job seekers and employers, streamlining recruitment, and offering a valuable resource for both parties in the job market.